Before placing your order, please inform your server  if any person in your party has food & peanut allergies cooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition

Veggie Spring Roll (2pcs)    $4.00

Scallion Pancakes    $4.00

Edamame    $4.00

Steamed soy bean

Gyoza (6pcs)    $5.00

 fried pork dumpling

Thai BBQ Pork Skewer (2pcs)    $4.00

Chicken Satay    $4.00

($4.00 2pcs) or ($7.00 4pcs) Chicken skewer w. peanut sauce 

Fried Thai Sausage    $4.00

Fried Veg. Dumpling (6pcs)    $5.00

Steam Veg. Dumpling (6pcs)    $5.00

Roti (spicy)    $6.00

Pancake w. curry sauce

Crab Rangoon (6pcs)    $5.00

Crabmeat & cream cheese in crispy shell 

Shu Mai (6pcs)    $5.00

Steam shrimp dumpling 

Fried Mini Pork Dumpling (5pcs)    $5.00

Steam Mini Pork Dumpling (5pcs)    $5.00

served w. curry sauce 

Tofu Todd    $5.00

Fried tofu w, sweet chili sauce topped w, crushed peanut

Todd Mun (6pcs)    $6.00

Thai spicy kaffirlime leaves, flavor fish cake, topped w. crushed peanut 

Mini Peking Duck Roll (4pcs)    $11.00

Satay Samplers    $7.00

2pcs pork skewer, 2pcs chicken satay

Salt & Pepper Squid (spicy)    $8.00

Curry Puff (2pcs) (spicy)    $6.00

Chicken, onion, potatoes

Fluke Usuzukuri    $10.00

Thinly slice fluke w. ponzu sauce

Sushi Appetizer (6pcs)    $10.00

of assorted sushi

Sashimi Appetizer (7pcs)    $12.00

of assorted sashimi

Yellowtail Jalapeno (spicy)    $10.00

Sashimi yellowtail & jalapeno
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